It’s Late, But

We just got home, but it was such a fun evening that I just have to share!

1. Several folks from my office got together after work at Jake’s Joint – my favorite burger joint that now has a location just blocks from my office! It has the coolest covered patio in addition to its already best burgers and fixins. Let me just say: 6 people. 3 baskets of fried jalapenos, 1 basket of cheese fries, 1 basket of tater tots, 1 basket of fried potato something else. WOW.


2. Ironically, I was the only girl at this gathering of the after work, fried-food nation. How fun is that?! It could only have been better if they would have set me on the table in the middle of them all so I could have been 100% the center of attention!!!

3. We finished the evening by catching a later showing of Iron Man. I went with two of my favorite guys – my husband, Kelly, and our good friend, Richard. I won’t give away anything in the film (I’ll let the previews do that for you!), but I will say it was a great movie and a wonderful start to the summer movie season. Another tip – stay to the very end of the film. Don’t leave when the credits start. Don’t leave when the credits end. There’s a wonderful Easter Egg just after the screen goes black.

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