Craigslist can work!

I try to be careful when applying the axiom “Prayer changes everything.” I think prayer does change things – but not always the way that I want it to or when I want it to!

I’ve just had a huge sigh of relief. Our Dallas Mavericks playoff tickets for tomorrow night sold!! It’s ridiculous to be relieved about this, I know, but we’d already paid to attend a Messianic Seder tomorrow with our friends, the Wheelers, before we had the playoff schedule in hand. The Mavs have been sooooo disappointing this year, and particularly during the playoffs so far, that our tickets are just two of many up for sale.

So I prayed about it. Really.

I just wanted them to sell so I wouldn’t be in a bad way trying to decide between two paid-for events. And at 1:30 this afternoon, a gentleman saw my Craigslist posting and bought the tickets. FOR FACE VALUE (now that is a miracle in the online garage sale world of Craigslist!).

Now we can go to the Seder tomorrow with the Wheelers and know that our Mavs tickets will be enjoyed by two more enthusiastic fans than we would have been.

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